Jennifer Lieberman

Actor, Producer, and Author “Year of the What?”
“I can’t recommend Gianni Marketing enough! Ashley Gianni is bright, energetic, on the ball andextremely social media savvy. She exudes an infectious optimism, her creativity is endless and herlevel of professionalism is uncompromised. She tackles tasks with excitement and is an asset to anyteam. I hired Ashley to work with me on branding for my forthcoming novel and she has been agodsend. She taught me how to easily take control of an aspect of my business that was not onlyforeign to me, but one I was also reluctant and resistant to lean into. From designing meme’s, toeffective hashtag use, to ideal times of day to post, the plan Ashley came up with helped me simplifysomething I found so daunting. Thank you for all your amazing help and for providing severalinvaluable tools and resources I would have never known about or understood without you”