Carly Tatiana Pandza

Actress, Writer, Director and Producer (TV, Film & Theatre) and Artistic Director of HER Theatre Company
Doing my acting consultation with Ashley was SO much fun and informative. It helped me get reallyclear about my brand and ESSENCE as an actress. I feel like it’s easy to get mixed messages aboutbeing an actor and how it’s important that you should be able to play every part, and YES most of usgreat actors can DO that, but should we? I left my consultation with Ashley being clear about WHO IAM authentically, my essence as an actress, and how that translates into specific archetypes I canplay. And when I was really honest with myself I don’t want to play a lot of the roles I had beensubmitting for anyway! When I got real with myself I realized that my authentic essence as an actressactually FITS the roles I want to be playing and that it took a huge weight off my shoulders. Based onAshley’s advice, I started specifically submitting to roles based on my specific essence versuseverything under the sun which is what I used to do. And the results I got! The same week I had myconsultation and started submitting selectively I received three self-tape audition requests; twocommercial auditions and an indie feature audition! I think that says something, like the Universe issaying to me, ‘NOW you are on the right track!’ During our consultation, Ashley also inspired me tocreate a short film based on a role in an upcoming feature film that I really want and is currentlycasting (and that my essence is PERFECT for)! She encouraged me to use the short film toshowcase my essence, talent, and send it to the team casting the feature. I got so inspired andthought it was the best idea. Less than two weeks later, I’ve wrapped from filming not just that shortbut on several other ones I’ve been meaning to film for my reel! So, if you want to get inspired andconnected to WHY you are an actor in the first place AND get some great ideas with some fastturnaround RESULTS, do the consultation with Ashley!”