Carly Tatiana Pandza

Actress, Writer, Director and Producer (TV, Film & Theatre) and Artistic Director of HER Theatre Company

“I’ve attended a LOT of social media webinars and workshops but NONE of them felt supportive and authentic to me like my consultation with Ashley. Everything I’ve ever read or been advised on regarding social media feels SO phony and all about the numbers, the follows, and frankly having it be all about YOU. Ashley’s guidance felt so nurturing yet practical. It’s literally the FIRST time I’ve ever heard that it’s more important to be authentic and have a small following of loyal followers than a huge one of followers that were bought and aren’t truly invested in you and your brand. It was a breath of fresh air and completely shifted my perspective around social media from this place of “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME” to a place where it’s about sharing my authentic voice and value with a like-minded community. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after speaking with Ashley I’ve been posting more, engaging with my followers more often, having /ORE people I do \OT know follow me from the content I’m posting. I would HIGHLY recommend Ashley’s social media/marketing consultation to anyone who is looking to growing their following and shift their context to one of empowerment around social media”